SPM = Senior Programme Manager


Programme Manager

London & SE

Gaya is an OT working in the field of neuro rehabilitation for 14 years, currently part-time in the NHS as a Clinical Specialist/lead in Neuro-rehabilitation and in part-time independent work. She has a BSc (Hons) in Occupational Therapy and an MSc in Neuro-rehabilitation and has worked in three major London hospitals and within various clinical settings\; A&E, Neurosurgical ICU and HDU, acute stroke rehabilitation, Tertiary (level 1b) Regional Neuro Rehabilitation unit, outpatient clinics and community rehabilitation.

Gaya has specialist knowledge and skills for working with complex traumatic brain injury and acquired brain injury clients including minimally conscious, challenging behaviours, post-concussive syndrome and post-traumatic amnesia clients, and expert knowledge and skills for assessing, treating and managing spinal cord injury clients.

She uses an eclectic, client-centred approach to assess and provide rehabilitation interventions. She is skilled in using Electrical stimulation (both functional and Neuromuscular), constraint-induced movement therapy, mirror therapy, motor imagery and Saebo products to treat upper limb deficits, and is highly skilled and experienced in the use of various spasticity management techniques including splinting and casting. She has advanced knowledge and experience in delivering client-centred, function orientated cognitive rehabilitation using education, process training, strategy training and functional training approaches, and extensive experience in treating and managing complex postural needs including specialist knowledge in seating systems. She also have experience in delivering vocational rehabilitation.

Gaya constantly updates her knowledge and skills within neuro rehabilitation with the latest clinical research evidence and guidelines by undertaking various CPD activities. She is flexible in her approach and very time efficient with her work and has a great eye for details.