Our Achievements

Because our business is helping our clients reach their full potential, we are always striving to ensure that we reach ours. We continually develop our rehabilitation services, for both children and adults, based on current research in the field of cognitive science and we provide continuing professional development and training opportunities for our staff. We contribute towards developing our field of interest by publishing articles and white papers in professional journals and we help to educate our channel partners by writing pieces for insurance magazines.

Our success is a clear indication of our acheivements, we boast an increased referral rate year on year and an ever expanding team of the highest calibre neuro-occupational therapists and clinical psychologists.

It is always an immense compliment when reach wins an award from one of the organisations that deals with personal injury and it's aftermath. We are proud to say that our dedication to maximising the potential of each individual client has been recognised over the years by winning a number of prestigious awards.

All reach staff are professional and dedicated to supporting clients as they work to maximise their potential through a home based rehabilitation programme. This is recognised by the clients, their families and their legal support teams and many have provided testimonials to the effectiveness of our work.

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