Our Approach

reach provides high quality cost-effective brain injury rehabilitation delivered at home. We provide one-to-one tailor-made personal programmes, faster rehabilitation at a reduced financial burden. We do not provide case management, social support or buddying.

Our focus is to return clients to functioning as close to pre-accident levels as possible with particular emphasis on independent living. TBI children, adults and their family's life can be considerably improved by timely, intensive, and appropriate intervention.

The Right Rehabilitation at the Right Time.

Residential rehab is excellent as a first step and for clients with behavioural issues but, research shows that most patients would prefer to be at home. Rehabilitation at home costs up to a third less than in a residential setting with goals being achieved quicker. Our clients experience a reduced number of returns to hospital and reduced levels of family breakdown.

The process for devloping and carrying out our programmes are:

  • Assessment of the clients current capabilities
  • Propose a programme to meet the clients needs
  • Report progress to all involved parties.
  • Implement an individually tailored programme within the home, community and eductional or vocational setting.

Neuro activity scan