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    Successful Rehabilitation Relies on Professionalism and Expertise

    Reach Personal Injury Service’s reputation is built on the results we deliver for clients and patients alike. These results, in turn, are built on our approach. An approach that focuses on clinical quality at every level of our business. From our Managing Director, with over 30 years’ experience as a neuro Occupational Therapist, to each of our individual Neuro OT’s, every member of the Reach team shares the same commitment to clinical excellence.

    As well as setting and maintaining the highest clinical standards – overseen by our senior leadership – we believe that the needs of the patient must be at the heart of everything we do.

    Our approach to clinical quality is based on our core values:

    • Innovative and Driven
    • Compassionate and Integrity
    • Transparent and Ethical
    • Evidence-Based and Goal Focussed

    Our Patients Come First

    When rehabilitation works, it works because the patient engages with the process. By putting their needs at the centre of an individual, home-based rehabilitation programme, we ensure that patients feel engaged, independent, and confident in our clinical approach.

    Our Customers Matter

    We know that for a case manager, insurer or solicitor, referring a patient to Reach is a matter of trust. So we work to repay that trust, educating and informing them, all while ensuring that they remain engaged with the patient’s rehab process.

    Goals Must Be Achievable

    Setting unrealistic goals is the biggest barrier to successful rehabilitation. Patients can feel let down by a lack of progress, while customers feel that timescales and costs are drifting. By setting clear, realistic, achievable SMART goals from the start – based on our clinical expertise – we’re able to increase the likelihood of a successful rehab programme.

    Real-Life Rehab Takes Place in the Real World

    If our patients are to regain their independence and maximise their functionality, they need to be confident. By providing real-life rehab in real world settings, we help patients reach specific goals and build their confidence. They know they can function in the home, workplace or social environment, because they’ve done it with Reach.

    We Work Towards Clinical Excellence

    Our clinical governance is based on the seven pillars of governance, and reviewed on a monthly basis to make sure we always strive towards clinical excellence and better results for our patients. Our values include

    • Clinical Effectiveness and Research
    • Audit
    • Risk Management
    • Education and Training
    • Patient and Public Involvement (PPI)
    • Using Information and IT
    • Staffing and Staff Management
    • Governance Structure

    Those results speak for themselves. The awards we’ve won speak to the trust placed in us by our customers. And the lives our patients lead speak to the excellence of our service. But we don’t rest on our laurels. We constantly look to incorporate new technology and new techniques to ensure that we’re always working towards achieving clinical excellence.

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    Reach have provided input on a number of our cases and we always receive the same high quality of intervention and service. From a Headlight triage through to a full rehabilitation programme, the knowledge and expertise of the team has been invaluable in helping us achieve the best outcomes for our clients. Reach’s professionalism, willingness to work collaboratively and think outside the box, while keeping the client at the centre of the process, is what sets them apart.  

    Leading TBI Case Manager

    I have been involved in collaborative working with Reach for seven years, referring clients for a range of assessments and intervention to support with brain injury rehabilitation.  Collaborative working is key to this succeeding, and Reach think outside of the box to ensure that rehabilitation is timely, appropriate, sustainable and client centred for each individual, because not every brain injury is the same and one approach does not fit all.

    David Bell – PI Team Manager – Senior Associate (Glasgow)

    I have dealt with Heather and her team at Reach for many years and have always found them to be excellent to deal with. They are always approachable, communicative, and innovative, being completely focussed on our clients’ rehabilitation potential and needs and considering how to achieve the best results. I and my clients have found them to be unfailingly supportive, positive, and constructive, focussing on solutions rather than problems. Notwithstanding that, they also temper that approach with realism and objectivity. In my experience, their assessments and recommendations have been practical, reliable, and helpful. Long may that continue.

    Jacqui Beasley – One Bright

    I have been very fortunate to work closely with Heather and the Reach team most recently on the Headlight Service where One Bright provides the psychological treatment if needed. Heather is one the most experienced professionals in the rehabilitation industry and has spent 20 years leading the way when it comes down to working with clients that have suffered a brain injury.

    Katie, London

    Reach have helped me to relearn the skills to return to work. It has been a difficult journey, but my personal programme assistant from Reach was fantastic and worked with me, my family and my employers. There are still things I can't do and I've had to learn new ways of completing other roles... but know I have my life back.

    Bill Braithwaite QC – Head of Chambers, Exchange Chambers

    I have known Heather Batey as the driving force behind Reach, the home-based brain injury rehabilitation specialists, for over 20 years. During that time we have been involved in many cases together, I have always been enormously impressed by her knowledge, experience, empathy and understanding of the complexities of brain injury, the patients, and the families involved. Within the litigation field, she gives an independent opinion, and is prepared to explain it, and to stand firmly behind it – great qualities for an expert witness. I would recommend her unhesitatingly for any patient and family with brain injury who are looking for the best possible rehab at home.