Community Involvement and Sponsorship

We like to take an active role in the community, be it through raising awareness of TBI and ABI and the effects it can have on injured parties, fundraising for organisations we feel passionate about, or promoting healthy lifestyles through fostering a sporting culture, especially amongst the younger generation.

You can read some details of our involvement in the space below.

Mount Kilimanjaro Challenge - Child Brain Injury Trust

At the end of July 2016 Heather and her friend Jo set off for Tanzania, with the aim of trekking to Uhuru Peak, the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro at an altitude of 5,985M above sea level. They both felt that this epic challenge was a great way to mark a notable milestone in age while raising some much needed funds and awareness for the Child Brain Injury Trust (CBIT).

Mission Accomplished - Uhuru Peak, Kilimanjaro 
                SummitSuffice to say Heather and Jo completed their challenge, reaching the summit via the 'Shira' ascent, with the help of a marvellous team of Tanzanian mountain guides. You can read an account of their adventure on the CBIT website and, although the fundraising portal for this challenge is now closed, you can donate funds to CBIT at any time to help them with their mission of supporting children with acquired brain injury.

Alnmouth and Lesbury CC Ramjets

Ramjets BatsmanIn a world full of computer games and sedentary lifestyles, we were happy to provide a little help to one of our local sports clubs. For the past season, reach has sponsored the Under 19's squad, the Ramjets, at a local cricket club, and they finished the Twenty20 2016 season as the Northumberland champions in their class!

Ramjets Wicket Keeper After a convincing win in the semi finals against the Tillside Titans, the sunshine came out for the final match in the series and on a glorious afternoon the Ramjets went on to defeat the Ashington Acorns in a well contested match. Cricket fans can read more on the details of the matches in the press release issued by the club to anounce their acheivement.

The Intrepid Kilimanjaro Challenge Duo - Heather 
                    Batey and Jo Robinson
The Kilimanjaro Mountain Guides - Sporting 
                    CBIT Shirts
Alnmouth and Lesbury CC Under 
                    19 Squad - The Ramjets
Ramsjet Batsman