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    Introducing Headlight


    Reach, the specialists in home-based rehabilitation, assessment and counselling for clients with moderate and severe brain injury, have developed an innovative, technology-led triage system to detect and treat symptoms caused by mild head traumas before ongoing problems can manifest.

    The Headlight triage system provides a unique low-cost method of assessing mild head traumas, which also incorporates an early screening service for the underlying symptoms of concussion.

    Headlight is designed to address the fact that warning signs of future health problems in people who have suffered mild head trauma could be missed.

    Helping insurers and lawyers get the best outcomes for claimants.

    Headlight aims to remedy this through personal one-to-one tailor-made programmes delivered remotely over visual platforms by experienced clinicians, who make timely recommendations for an appropriate treatment pathway.

    Headlight is then able to provide high quality, cost effective cognitive trauma rehabilitation enabling insurers and lawyers to act quickly, ensuring the best outcome for the claimant and reducing the risk of symptoms escalating over long periods due to lack of early intervention and treatment.

    Research shows that most patients would prefer to receive rehabilitation at home which reduces costs by up to a third, achieves quicker recovery goals, reduces returns to hospital and is very effective when delivered over visual platform for this client group.

    Focused on an early return to health.

    The new Headlight triage focuses on returning clients to functioning as close to pre-accident levels as possible. 

    It’s a fact that the earlier head trauma cases receive attention, the less likelihood there is that their ongoing symptoms will escalate into longer term difficulties or indeed psychological symptoms may result from mood related issues. In this respect, Headlight allows claims handlers and lawyers to take appropriate action at a very early stage in the claim.

    Earlier this year, Headlight ran a successful system pilot in conjunction with leading insurer Aviva to fine-tune the assessment process, ensuring that the appropriate range of clinical tools and onward referral options were in place.

    How Headlight works, in brief.

    The Headlight service provides rapid access to specialist assessment and triage, where our clinicians make timely recommendations for an appropriate treatment pathway.

    In a typical referral to Headlight, cases involving minor head trauma are referred to Reach by the insurer and/or lawyer.

    Reach then carry out a remote assessment with the patient, using both qualitative and quantitative questioning to identify any ‘red flags’ indicating underlying symptoms caused by the trauma.

    Reach report on findings, with recommendations based upon three possible outcomes:

    1. No further action to be taken (no indication of underlying problems).

    2. Light touch (minor issues detected) – signpost to local support services or to specialist therapy apps, or support a referral to GP, CBT, or physiotherapy services.

    3. Post-concussive syndrome (PCS) assessment (more significant issues detected) – a full PCS assessment is carried out to inform appropriate therapeutic intervention.

    To see how Headlight can help your clients, please contact us on: (01423) 326 000 or fill out our online contact form.

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