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    1 September 2022

    Vacancy – Neuro-Occupational Therapist (Various)

    Join a pioneering team that provides quality, individually tailored, home-based brain injury rehabilitation. We are offering an exciting opportunity for you to join a company who provides a national service…
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    15 August 2022

    2. The Frontal Lobes – A Brain Anatomy Series

    Do you know what they do? Did you know? –  They are called Frontal Lobes because they are at the front of your head, behind the forehead.  Their functioning is…
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    13 July 2022

    1. The Temporal Lobes – A Brain Anatomy Series

    Do you know what they do? Did you know? – They are located in the region of the head commonly called “the temples” which are on the side of the…
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    5 May 2022

    What help is there for a child who has suffered a traumatic brain injury?

    The answer is, very little. Yet around 1,000 children suffer a traumatic brain injury every year, and most of these are related to road traffic accidents. It goes without saying…
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    4 April 2022

    Headlight Case Study

    Introduction to Headlight A new bespoke head trauma triage service. Headlight is a remote head trauma triage service which gives claims handlers and lawyers a detailed assessment to accurately triage…
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    Case Studies

    1 April 2022

    Why a case manager should choose to work with Reach.

    Reach services all revolve around providing high quality, recovery focused brain injury rehabilitation in clients’ own homes. The reputation of Reach is evidence that our personal rehab programmes tailored to each…
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