Once home based and community rehabilitation has been agreed by purchasers reach identifies one of its qualified and experienced Programme Managers to oversee the elements of the plan. We will appoint, or recruit, one of our locally-based Personal Programme Assistants (PPA) to work with the client on a daily basis. PPAs are selected for both their human and professional skills (often a qualified Occupational Therapist/ Physiotherapist or having a first degree in psychology or a related discipline). They receive on-going supervision and monitoring from their Programme Manager who personally guarantees the implementation of the agreed programme with-in budget.

Rehabilitation for brain injured adult users typically involves a single block of time. For children we may deliver successive periods of rehabilitation at key developmental stages to enable them to cope with specific challenges.

The programmes will include functional skills training from the most basic level of every day self care, memory and behavioural problems to the complexities of returning to work or vocational activities. These are based on cognitive-behavioural principles of intervention using a functional approach with real life goals and targets. Psychology services may be recommended which reach could instigate.

All reach's practices and procedures are in line with the UK Rehabilitation Council's standards and the College of Occupational Therapy's standards of practice and BSI PAS150.

assessment report and rehabilitation proposal

reviewed by insurers and/or solicitors

rehabilitation programme agreed

start of programme

initial focus report, based on goals

delivery of rehabilitation programme

interim progress report (8 weeks)

end of programme and evaluation report

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