Our Purchasers

Individuals come to reach rehabilitation through a number of routes and recommendations. All of these will be looking to achieve the best outcome arising from what is always a terrible incident

Historically we were contacted by one side of a case only, either the claimant or the defendant. However, over the last few years we have received more and more joint instructions, as all parties recognise the benefits offered by a rehabilitation programme which is commenced at the earliest possible opportunity.

Some insurance companies will contact us directly or through their case managers and many of these have been our customers for a number of years but, as our reputation spreads, we are working with new companies all the time.

Recently, reach has been in contact with a number of NHS primary care trusts who are looking to make the best use of their increasingly restricted finances. NHS managers now recognise that residential rehabilitation is not suitable for everyone and that many people long to return to their own homes as soon as possible. We can demonstrate that having a plan for rehabilitation at home enables earlier release from hospital and reduces the possibility of an injured person requiring a return to hospital in the future.

Recent Clients Include

Insurance Companies
Royal Sun Alliance
Case Managers
Proclaim Care
Independent Purchasers
Private Families
Independent Case Managers