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    Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation Delivered By Expert Clinicians

    Reach offers home-based assessments and rehabilitation for all levels of traumatic brain injuries, from post-concussive syndrome (PCS) through to the most severe injuries. 

    Reach guides patients through the entire rehabilitation process. Each patient undertakes a comprehensive assessment which our dedicated Programme Managers use to create a full rehabilitation strategy, delivered in the patient’s home, workplace or social settings.

    But we do more than deliver treatments. We empower our patients. We teach them the right strategies to maximise their independence, giving them the confidence to reach their goals and return to work. 

    It’s an approach that’s earned us the trust of patients, case managers, legal firms and insurers alike.


    Headlight is Reach’s new head trauma triage system that allows claims’ handlers and lawyers to determine the best, most effective course of action for clients at the earliest possible stage. Headlight detects and treats the symptoms of mild head trauma before they escalate, ensuring the patient receives the right treatment at the right time.

    Learn more about Headlight



    Reach’s remote PPCS screening assessments quickly and effectively establish the right treatment for patients with mild head injuries and concussions. A virtual assessment carried out by an expert Neurological Occupational Therapist gives our rehabilitation team the information they need to recommend the most effective treatment. 

    Learn more about Persistent Post-Concussive Symptoms (Post Concussion Syndrome)

    Occupational Therapy


    The optimum location to accurately assess and treat a TBI is in a real world environment where we can help a patient to adapt to the every day challenges a patient faces. Reach’s experienced Neuro-Occupational Therapists assess clients in their home, social or work environment to create an accurate report on their injuries and identify the best course of treatment.

    Learn more about Occupational Therapy

    Rehabilitation Assessment & Treatment


    Once we have ascertained the full extent of the patient’s injuries and challenges, using three in-depth assessments we provide a comprehensive assessment report outlining a full rehabilitation programme. Assessment is only the beginning. An expert Personal Programme Associate will deliver face-to-face rehabilitation in the patient’s home and community.

    Learn more about Rehabilitation Assessment & Treatment

    Specialists in rehabilitation at home

    Successful brain rehabilitation relies on choosing the right assessment and treatment for the patient. Before starting any assessment or rehabilitation programme, Reach’s expert clinicians will discuss your client, their injuries and their specific challenges and carry out a neuro-occupational therapy assessment, a neuropsychology assessment and an assessment of rehabilitation potential to recommend the right course of action. To begin that process, contact us today.

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    Did you know the human brain isn't fully formed until you are 25?