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    What is FND

    A problem with the functioning of the nervous system in a structurally normal brain.

    Symptoms that look like they are caused by neurological disease or damage, but which cannot be explained by it.

    The most common symptoms include seizures/non-epileptic attacks, sensory loss/disturbance and movement difficulties (weakness, gait problems).

    Often multiple symptoms, and cognitive and communication symptoms can also exist.


    We offer bespoke treatment programmes to address the symptoms revealed by our clinically led, functional assessments. This model is currently evidenced in clinical literature as the ‘best practice’ approach for the most optimal functional outcomes.

    Our neuro-occupational therapy assessments take place in a client’s home, and these each generate a rehabilitation prediction. The focus of the assessment is on functional base. To establish a treatment pathway to optimise quality of life and return to the daily occupations of social activity and employment/education.


    From our assessment recommendations, we establish a treatment pathway to suit the individual needs of the client, at a pace that they can manage, targeting goals that are achievable. It is important to recognise that the level and complexity of these goals remains within reach, which we ensure through a process of continuous review.

    We may work together with interdisciplinary colleagues to form an MDT, ensuring a multi-skilled approach involving the right clinicians at the right time.

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