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    A New Bespoke Head Trauma Triage Service

    Headlight is a new remote head trauma triage service designed to give claims’ handlers and lawyers the accurate information they need to take the best possible action for their clients as early as possible in the claim process.

    The sooner an accurate assessment is made the better the clinical outcomes for the patient.  The quicker goals and targets can be set and achieved then the more efficient the resolution of a claim.

    Using a virtual platform Headlight allows Reach’s TBI experts to fully understand a patient’s injuries, and provide a full report within 14 days of an initial assessment.


    Who is Headlight For?

    Headlight is designed for patients who have suffered a mild head trauma. The service is suitable for adults over the age of 18 who have:

    • Experienced head trauma or a wound to the skull
    • Possibly experienced a concussion
    • Been rated at 13-15 on the Glasgow Coma Scale with minimal or no loss of consciousness
    • No evidence of cerebral cortex damage on scan-CT or standard MRI
    • Been unable to return to pre-accident social involvement

    How Headlight Works

    Headlight uses a simple and effective three step process to spot the warning signs of future health problems for people who have suffered a mild head trauma, allowing for quick, suitable treatment and reducing the risks (and additional costs) of longer-term health issues.

    • Step one
    • Step two
    • Step three



    Reach investigates the patient’s background, including the injuries sustained, treatment to date and their relevant medical history, along with any current medication and their living situation. 

    Remote Screening


    Within seven days of a referral, Reach uses Headlight’s visual remote screening tool to establish the patient’s ongoing symptoms and their effect on daily activity, self-care, productivity and leisure. A full report is provided within 14 days, explaining the patient’s cognitive, behavioural, emotional and physical status – along with expert recommendations for the most appropriate treatment programmes, goals and targets.



    Following the report, Reach’s rehabilitation experts will recommend one of three potential outcomes:

    1. No further action is needed – the patient will recover without rehabilitation
    2. Light touch rehabilitation – the patient will be referred for physiotherapy, CBT, an appointment with their GP or a local Reach rehabilitation provider
    3. Full PCS rehabilitation – the patient will be referred for a full Post Concussive Syndrome assessment, and further rehabilitation to expedite the right clinical outcome

    Headlight has already delivered excellent clinical outcomes for TBI patients. To learn more about how Headlight has changed the lives of our patients, download our latest case study.


    “[Headlight] shows real potential in getting injured people the correct and specifically targeted treatment they need at the earliest opportunity.”

    Sue Reeve
    Rehabilitation Claims
    Manager, Aviva

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    We respond to all Headlight referral requests within 24 hours, and arrange the remote assessment within seven days of a successful referral. To begin this process, contact Reach today.

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