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    Neuro-Occupational Therapy Assessment and Evaluation

    Neurological symptoms don’t display on cue in clinical environments, so in order to fully understand the nature and extent of a brain injury, assessments need to take place outside of hospital wards and doctors’ surgeries.

    Reach’s Occupational Therapy Assessments are carried out within a patient’s home, or a social, leisure or work environment. By observing, assessing and evaluating patients in real-world situations, our OT experts are able to identify the real-world impact of traumatic brain injuries.

    By fully understanding how symptoms affect your clients in their day-to-day lives, Reach is able to recommend the most appropriate, efficient and cost effective treatment to help them reach their rehabilitation targets.

    Who Are OT Assessments For?

    OT Assessments are designed for patients who have suffered a TBI, and have ongoing cognitive problems. This service is suitable for patients who have:

    • A confirmed brain injury
    • Ongoing cognitive and functional problems

    How OT Assessments Work

    Where an OT Assessment and Evaluation is needed reach will arrange for an experienced, fully-qualified Neuro-Occupational Therapist to meet a client in an environment that allows us to make an accurate clinical assessment. This may take place in the patient’s home, a social, leisure facility, or the patient’s workplace.

    OT Assessments are designed to fully examine the patient’s condition and set the correct goals for their recovery,
    ASSESS the symptoms and injuries
    ENGAGE the patient with their rehabilitation
    FOCUS on achievable goals, targets and timescales
    EVOKE a sense of independence in the patient
    PLAN a pathway to recovery, and
    EXECUTE the right rehabilitation programme

    Our OT Assessments and Evaluations will identify the need for any ongoing treatments through the use of SMART goals identified at the assessment levels. Usually this will take the form of a home-based rehabilitation programme, but if our assessment reveals that this programme is unlikely to deliver the right outcomes, Reach will always make this unequivocally clear.

    Refer Your Clients for an OT Assessment

    We respond to all OT Assessment referral requests as quickly as possible, and carry out assessments within three weeks of a successful referral with a full report to follow no more than 15 days later. To begin this process, contact Reach today.

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