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    Tailored Assessments and Comprehensive Rehabilitation Programmes

    Brain injury rehabilitation works. Reach’s entire service and approach is built around this single simple truth. In order to deliver rehabilitation that works, we need to understand the individual needs of the patient, set SMARTer Goals and create a tailored, comprehensive rehabilitation programme.

    There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all treatment option for brain injuries. By undertaking a full assessment and devising a unique rehabilitation programme for every single patient we treat, we ensure that their SMART goals are met and their independence is restored.

    Working with the patient, case managers, insurers and legal teams reach creates goal-focused, cost-effective, rehabilitation programmes that deliver real improvements. Brain injury rehabilitation that works.

    Who is Rehabilitation Assessment & Treatment For?

    Reach’s rehabilitation assessments and treatments are designed for patients who have experienced moderate and severe brain injuries. The service is suitable for any patients who have:


    • Experienced a moderate/severe TBI
    • Require a cognitive and executive function evaluation by a neuropsychologist
    • Tried inpatient rehabilitation that has failed to deliver results
    • Faced issues with their families due to a lack of improvement
    • Been unable to return to pre-accident work, leisure or social activity to the same degree
    • Not received consistent and co-ordinated NHS rehabilitation
    • Been told they require a neuro functional evaluation

    How Rehabilitation Assessment & Treatment Works

    Reach’s rehabilitation assessment and treatment process has been honed over years of hard-earned experience in the field of brain injuries. It’s based on the experiences of our patients, of our clinicians and of our customers in the insurance, legal and case management fields. It works by following a clear pathway to recovery.

    The process begins with a referral from an insurer, solicitor or case manager. We discuss your client’s injuries and determine the correct type of assessment before arranging contact with the patient.

    Next we move on to a full assessment, carried out by a qualified clinical team – including a neuropsychologist, neuro OT and senior clinical neuro OT. This identifies the symptoms and challenges faced by the patient and their familes, and will allow us to set achievable goals and realistic timescales.

    You will then be provided with a full report within 15 days, which outlines our professional recommendations on how best to proceed with treatment, along with our goals, timescales and costs.

    Subject to your approval our next steps are to identify an appropriate highly qualified and experienced Programme Manager (PM) from our clinical team, who will provide clinical sessions, monitor progress, and oversee the rehabilitation provided by our Personal Programme Associates (PPA).

    With the rehabilitation team selected the patient will then complete their programme, receiving face-to-face rehab strategies, often on a daily basis, as identified from the assessment and directed and monitored by their assigned Neuro-Occupational Therapist.

    Each session is goal focused and outcome driven, designed to help the patient regain their independence and work towards their pre-injury function.

    Throughout, you will receive eight weekly interim reports which explain the progress made, allowing you to make the right decisions about your client’s ongoing treatment.

    Our rehabilitation service has delivered excellent clinical outcomes for TBI patients for over 27 years. To learn more about how reach has changed the lives of our patients. Contact Reach for more information.

    Refer Your Clients for Rehabilitation with Reach

    We aim to respond to all referral requests within 24 hours, and arrange the initial assessment within seven days of a successful referral. To begin this process, contact Reach today.

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