Programme Manager


Since qualifying in 2009 with an Honours Degree in Occupational Therapy Jo has focused her career on mental health and neurology and developed specialist skills in neuro-rehabilitation and supporting individuals with their strengths and aspirations whilst helping them to guide their own recovery. Her career spans acute, community mental health and community based rehabilitation.

Throughout her varied roles, Jo has developed specialist skills in working with individuals with a wide range of conditions, particularly in working with adults who have sustained catastrophic brain injuries. With a particular interest in developing an individual's occupational performance and an established knowledge base and sound expertise, Jo has demonstrated the ability to work with individuals with complex needs, developing holistic, person centred goals and individualised treatment plans to help them achieve these goals. Acting with compassion and respect towards those in her care is central to Jo's practice, an approach and philosophy that Jo believes significantly influences positive patient care and wellbeing.

Jo has experience working with a wide range of professionals as well as individuals and their families to develop, plan and implement treatment plans and feels confident in using and evaluating interventions that employ functional and standardised assessment and outcome measures. Jo has effective negotiation skills that she has gained from working as part of a team and is able to advocate her opinion when working with other agencies or professionals. She maintains a CPD portfolio and attends training, conferences and seminars to remain current, applying relevant theory to her practice and ensuring relevant legislation, policies and procedures are followed.