Programme Manager

South West

Lauren is a Specialist Neurological OT supporting clients, families and carers in rehabilitation from neurological injury. In her professional capacity Lauren has worked across acute and community services in orthopaedic, medical and surgical settings, later specialising in the neurological field.

The complexities of neurological injury mean that each individual should be treated as such and Lauren has trained in range of treatment modalities to provide a diverse treatment range. Lauren employs a functional task-oriented approach to facilitate her clients to achieve their potential to acquire, maintain or regain skills required to participate in their daily lives and beyond.

Direct treatment may encompass developing independent living skills, reducing the impact of disability, facilitating a return to work, functional upper limb rehabilitation, post-concussion care, identification of adaptive aids and equipment for disability. Lauren has additional training in the Bobath concept, motivational interviewing, sensory strategies and postural care. She has experience in the use of technology to facilitate independence and social participation.