Neuro OT - Programme Managers

Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester & NW, Newcastle upon Tyne, Nottingham, Norwich/Lincoln & East Anglia

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The Role

reach provides rehabilitation to clients who have an Acquired Brain Injury. The Programme Manager (PM) supervises and monitors the work of the Personal Programme Assistants (PPA) working within their geographic area. The PPAs carry out the day to day rehabilitation recommended by reach for each client, which takes place in the client's own home and daily environment. The Programme Manager will mainly work from home but will be required to visit the client from time to time.


2-3 hours per week per client for the duration of each contract (typically 3 - 6 months).


  • Where appropriate, will help undertake functional assessments of head-injured clients located within their regional area.
  • Supervises the PPA. In the initial period of rehabilitation supervision may need to be more frequent depending on the difficulty of the client's problems.
  • Ensure that the PPA complies exactly with the specifications set out in each programme.
  • Keep appropriate records of the work of the PPA and of the supervision sessions for discussion with their supervisor.
  • Each 8 weeks provide interim reports in line with the agreed report schedule and goals. The PM will meet with the client and family prior to the 8-weekly meeting to ensure a professional update.
  • Maintain absolute confidentiality concerning the content of the rehabilitation programmes, clients and their families.
  • Other Responsibilities

  • The PM may supervise a number of PPAs within a broad geographical region (e.g. South Yorkshire).
  • Personal supervision takes place with either a reach Director or Senior Programme Manager to discuss the status of the rehabilitation plan and future target.
  • Occasionally PMs may be required to attend relevant meetings/case conferences/reviews, etc. in connection with their client (e.g. at school or NHS facilities).

Essential Skills & Experience

  • An advanced higher education qualification in occupational therapy.
  • At least 5 years post-qualification experience in neuro-occupational therapy.
  • Accredited membership with the relevant professional body (eg: BAOT/COT, BOS).

Closing date for applications: Ongoing

Please contact Lisa on 01423 326000 or e-mail for further particulars or to request an application form

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Neuro OT - Programme Managers

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